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数字媒体 – Digital Storytelling

学者 / 创意与媒体艺术学院 / 数字媒体 – Digital Storytelling

Create narratives to connect and inspire.

Preparing students for careers in public history, 文化历史, 教育, 库, 医疗保健和商业, Tiffin University’s digital media program with a professional track in 多媒体讲故事 teaches students the skills they need to succeed as creators of multimedia presentations and projects that connect communities locally and around the world.

From communicating effectively inside a business, to preserving the history of an organization or community, to creating interesting and entertaining multimedia presentations for 教育 and entertainment, there are many opportunities for students as digital media professionals with a focus in digital storytelling.

课程探讨展品设计, 数字化, 视听设计, 市场营销, 项目管理, cultural diversity and uniqueness, 数字化 and digital archiving. Students create and present exhibits, 快闪博物馆和展览 还有元表达式 on campus, 在社区和网上.

TU students get hands-on experience developing presentations and exhibits, 多媒体的历史, 教育, promotional and corporate training materials. They will also work in conjunction with TU’s historical archives, art gallery as well as area business organizations to develop their own professional portfolio that will support a variety of career paths.


HIS114 – Intro to Multimedia Storytelling

This course surveys 多媒体讲故事 through exhibit design, 数字化, 视听设计, 市场营销, and 项目管理 through the lens of public history and 文化历史. It introduces students to the careers, 道德标准, 研究, 辩论, and practices associated with the intersection of history and multimedia studies through learning about the role of storytelling in shaping our understanding of the past. 


他的272 -文化故事

This course will explore the history of cultural diversity and cultural uniqueness, giving students an understanding of the diverse cultural histories that have shaped our world. 学生将制作视频, 播客, 博客, and other digital content that explores the history of cultural diversity and its impact on society. 


HIS37 – Digitization and Digital Archiving

Introducing the principles and practices of archiving, 数字化 and archive management, students will learn how to identify, 收集, and preserve historical documents, 照片, 以及其他材料, and how to make these items accessible to 研究ers and the public. 


HIS475 – Storytelling Project 设计

This capstone course focuses on creating and presenting campus exhibits, 快闪博物馆和展览, 还有元表达式. Students analyze and evaluate the historical 研究 relevant to their interests and create an exhibit that showcases their findings, developing the skills necessary to apply to graduate schools or pursue careers in public history, 文化历史, 教育, 库, 医疗保健和商业.

  • 档案管理员
  • 音频工程师
  • 品牌故事
  • 创意总监
  • 文化遗产主任
  • 文化资源经理
  • 数字档案
  • 数字内容创作者
  • 文物经理
  • 数据分析师
  • 数字馆长
  • 数字教育专员
  • 文物遗址顾问
  • 数字的历史学家
  • 数字人文专家
  • 数字媒体顾问
  • 数字媒体制作人
  • 数码保存专员
  • 数字出版专员
  • 数字讲故事的人
  • 展览设计师
  • 历史学家
  • 联邦雇员(各种)
  • 国家公务员(各类)
  • 市政从业人员(各类)
  • 历史文物保护专员
  • 互动媒体开发人员
  • 多媒体教育/培训师
  • 多媒体营销专员
  • 博物馆馆长
  • 项目经理
  • 公共历史学家
  • 研究分析师
  • 社交媒体经理
  • 用户体验(UX)设计师
  • 视觉特效师
  • Web开发人员